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Small Business and Branch Office系列


1400 Security Appliances


Small and remote branch offices need the same protections from sophisticated cyber attacks and zero-day threats as main corporate offices. The Check Point 1400 appliances are ideal for small and branch office deployments, delivering all-in-one advanced threat prevention, flexible network connectivity, and maximum port density—all in a compact, high-performance desktop form factor.


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●3200 Security Appliance


Seamless security requires consistent protections across all locations, especially branch and small offices. For businesses requiring comprehensive threat prevention security without compromise, the Check Point 3200 appliance offers a multi-core design and industry-leading performance in a compact form factor ideal for branch and small office deployments.


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●Check Point 600 Appliance


Small businesses need multi-layered security in a simple, affordable package. The Check Point 600 Appliance is a single, integrated device offering firewall, VPN, IPS, antivirus, application visibility and control, and URL filtering and email security, all in a quiet, compact desktop form factor.


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 700 Security Appliances


Small businesses need protection against today’s sophisticated cyberattacks and zero-day threats. Check Point 700 appliances are high performance, integrated devices offering firewall, VPN, antivirus, application visibility and control, URL filtering and email security, all in a compact desktop form factor that is simple to configure and manage.


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●Check Point 1100 Appliances


A branch office is a vital business tool with unique security challenges and requirements. Our 1100 Appliance line is an all-in-one security appliance that offers robust, multi-layered protection with branch offices in mind, including flexible network interfaces and a compact, desktop form factor.


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●Check Point 2200 Appliance


When you need a simple, compact security device that’s just right for small offices, turn to the Check Point 2200 Appliance. It offers enterprise-grade security, multi-core design and three times greater performance than competing appliances in its class.


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Small to Midsize Enterprise系列


●5000 Security Appliances


Protecting modern enterprise networks requires a fully integrated, multi-layered solution tuned to deliver maximum security without impacting performance—including inspecting encrypted traffic. The Check Point 5000 appliances provide the most advanced threat prevention security without compromise for demanding small to midsize enterprise networks.


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●15000 Security Appliances

Today’s enterprise networks and data centers need comprehensive security protections in a scalable, easy to manage configuration. The Check Point 15000 security appliances are designed for high performance, reliability and uncompromising security to combat even the most sophisticated threats, making them ideal for enterprise and data center environments.


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Large  Enterprise & Data Center系列


●23000 Security Appliances



Large enterprise and data center networks demand uncompromising performance combined with high-reliability and flexible connectivity options. The Check Point 23000 Security Appliances combine the most comprehensive protections with data center-grade hardware to maximize uptime and performance for securing the most demanding large enterprise and data center environments.


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Data Center & Telco系列


●Check Point 41000 and 61000 Security Systems


The Check Point 41000 and 61000 Security Systems were designed to excel in demanding large data center and telco environments. The multi-bladed, chassis-based security systems scale from 3,200 to 33,000 SPU to support the dynamic needs of growing networks while offering high reliability and performance.


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Intergrated Appliance Solutions系列


●X Series Platform


Check Point X Series Appliances provide organizations with the ultimate choice in carrier-grade chassis. The X Series platform delivers integrated software and hardware solutions that are customized to customers’ demanding security needs—all while maintaining the highest network performance required.

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