Firebox T系列
The WatchGuard Firebox® T Series appliances bring enterprise-level network security to the small office/branch office and small retail environments that matches the reality of today's distributed work style.
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XTM 2系列

Small businesses need big security. Enterprise-grade security includes full HTTPS content inspection, VoIP support, and optional security subscriptions like Application Control and Intrusion Prevention Service. 
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 XTM 3系列
The XTM 3 Series appliances include a suite of flexible management tools to give small businesses the tools they need to stay on top of network activity.They also include theFireware® operating system for advanced networking features, including VLAN support, multi-WAN load balancing, and dynamic routing. 
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XTM 5系列 
An all-in-one network security solution integrates complete protection while slashing the time and cost associated with managing multiple singlepoint security products. All security capabilities work together for a holistic, comprehensive approach to network protection.
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XTM 800系列 
Our firewalls incorporate must-haves like Application Control and IPS, as well as a broad spectrum of other security functions to give businesses full protection. This threat management appliance has up to 6.5 Gbps firewall throughput, ten 1-Gb interfaces, and XTM-class security features including full HTTPS inspection, optional URL filtering, anti-spam, and anti-virus – no need to compromise on security to meet increasing network demands.
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XTM 1500系列

 XTM 1500 Series threat management appliances are the answer to the large business's need for speed. The exceptional performance also allows you to integrate functions that previously required separate stand-alone appliances, so your business can securely run at maximum speed and efficiency at a lower cost. VPN failover, WAN failover, and High Availability features ensure that mission-critical data keeps flowing.
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XTM 2520

The 2520 delivers unparalleled visibility into real-time and historical user,

network, and security activities. This allows businesses to easily define,

enforce, and audit strong security and acceptable use policies,

resulting in increased employee productivity and less risk to

critical intellectual property and customer data. VPN failover, WAN failover,

and High Availability features ensure that mission-critical data keeps flowing.







WatchGuard wireless access points work in tandem

with our WatchGuard Firebox or XTM appliances,

extending the powerful UTM capabilities of your

firewall to your WLAN, including intrusion

prevention, web content filtering, gateway AV,

application control, APT blocking, data loss

prevention, reputation lookup, and spam blocking.

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